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As a Laurel native and third-generation farmer, I’m honored to have served on the Town & Country Supply Association Board of Directors for the last 20 years. I farm malt barley, sugar beets, corn, hay, and wheat between Billings and Laurel – and I also run a small feed lot. And I’m a believer in co-ops. That’s why I’m proud to purchase my fertilizers, chemicals, seed, fuel, and products for my animals from Town & Country.

Although T&C has competitive pricing, sometimes we can’t beat some of the bigger companies. However, T&C makes up for it in the service to the customer. That’s really important to me. That one-on-one service really makes a difference. That’s why I purchase everything I possibly can from T&C. And I encourage my fellow patrons to do the same. After all, it is T&C’s job to take care of its patrons – and it is T&C’s priority for profits to go back to its patrons. And when business is good, we can do that.

Thanks for continuing to support your hometown co-op, T&C. Together, we can keep the co-op strong – and be stronger, together, as patrons.

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