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Town & Country Supply Association and the co-ops from which we have roots have supported generations of Montana 4-Hers over the last several decades.

“These kids are going to be the future farmers and ranchers, so it’s important for us to be there and support them,” said Wes Burley, T&C’s general manager.

In recent years, T&C has purchased 4-H animals at fairs in Rosebud/Treasure, Stillwater, Carbon, Big Horn, and Yellowstone Counties. T&C spends about $30,000 per year in animal sales – averaging 15-18 animals each year. T&C also donates to county 4-H councils and 4-H projects, such as welding or other ag-related projects. Plus, several staff members have 4-H backgrounds – and some are still involved with 4-H.

“It’s exciting to watch the progress that these kids make,” said Meagan Thompson, T&C’s propane coordinator, who also serves as a Carbon County 4-H Archery Club leader and instructor. “It’s really fun to coach them into being competitive and becoming better at what they do.”

Thompson mentors young people, as they learn shooting sports skills. As a youth, she was a 10-year 4-H member from Montana’s Park County.

“It’s really cool how focused these kids can be and how 4-H brings that out in them,” she said. “And that focus and confidence floods into other aspects of their life.”

As these kids learn and grow through their 4-H projects and experiences, they will find their paths and become our farmers, ranchers, teachers, medical professionals, and more. And at T&C, we are honored to help them along the way.