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Fellow patrons:

I’ve been a Town & Country Supply patron since 1977 – and I’ve served on the board for about 20 years. My father was a patron – and now my son is a patron, as well. We run a farm and ranch south of Hardin, where we raise malt barley, sugar beets, corn, alfalfa, and winter wheat. I also run stock cows.

T&C has always been our store – and it’s the one place we start when we go to town. We go there for everything, as it’s our way of getting deals on items we need. It’s the backbone of a lot of farms in this area, carrying fuel, fertilizer, chemicals, feed, and other necessities.

Town & Country is our store. We can’t stay the way we have always been – and we need your help to stay relevant. This co-op must change and grow. We want to know the direction you would like to see the co-op go. If there’s an issue or something you want changed, call me and tell me about it. I am here to serve you.

Want to get in touch with Randy? He wants to hear from you! Reach him at or 406.679.0710.