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Dear Patrons:

Annual Meeting

Town and Country Supply Association held its 25th annual meeting in April of this year and we had one of the best turnouts we have seen in recent years. Our auditor, Hanna Keyes Nolin with Moss Adams, reported that we are an extremely healthy cooperative and had our third best year on generated local net savings. She also shared our financial history over the past 10 years that shows our trends as they relate to expansion of the business and the rebounds we have seen right after new projects. Another big highlight was shared during the directors’ report by Mark Richards, where he covered the amounts of stock that were returned to our patrons during the past year. With the combination of age 67 retirements, deceased patron payouts, cash patronage, and the large general stock revolvement, the co-op returned a total of $3,272,441.62 to our patrons in 2021.

Looking Ahead

As we look into the current year, your cooperative’s sales numbers and earnings through the first four months remain strong with local net sitting just a little ahead of last year and with Mother Nature lending a helping hand on the moisture side of things. We believe this will continue. As we work through this year, we are continuing to look at ways to grow your co-op to keep it strong and to generate the types of returns that our patrons deserve.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to serving you in the future.

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