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Town & Country Supply Association distributed patronage checks to 2,432 patrons in October – paying out $1.77 million in total. In this payout, T&C included any stock earned in 1999 or prior through patronage with any division that had not yet been retired.

“We’re hoping over the next three years that we will get to a 15-year stock rotation, which has not been achieved in our history as far as I am aware,” said Wes Burley, the general manager of Town & Country Supply Association. “It starts putting money back in the pockets of our younger growers, which is very important to them.”

Ten of the patrons included in the fourth quarter distribution received a check of more than $20,000 – and the largest check issued was more than $38,000.

The board of directors of Town & Country Supply Association approved the stock distribution.

“Our goal is to get more money back to our patrons,” said Randy Reiter, a director of Town & Country Supply Association. “That’s what co-ops are for – to return the profits back to the patrons.”

Every year, T&C distributes stock payments to patrons aged 67 and older.

About Town & Country Supply Association

Town & Country Supply Association (T&C) is a member-owned cooperative based in Laurel, Mont. T&C is committed to providing patrons and customers with high-quality products, superior in-field services, and access to the latest agricultural technology. T&C encompasses four divisions – Agronomy, Energy, Farm & Ranch, Supply, and C-Stores. Its trade region covers southeastern and southcentral Montana, as well as northern Wyoming.