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Calving season is hard work. It’s an investment of your time, energy, and resources – and it affects your entire operation. However, it’s not something you have to do alone.

“At T&C, we are on your team,” said Jennifer Reinhardt, the farm and ranch division manager at Town & Country Supply Association. “It’s our job to help you have a healthy, safe, and productive calving season.”

As you prepare to get those babies on the ground, consider our recommendations for one of the most intense seasons of your year.

1. Prepare your location.

Clean facilities are crucial to reducing health risks for cow/calf pairs. Make sure you sanitize pens, calving areas, calf chains, calf pullers, and other materials. Also, take time to examine your equipment, such as gates and pens, to ensure everything is in working order before the rush begins. And don’t forget to keep the contact information for your veterinarian close, in the event you need a medical expert.

2. Gather your supplies.

You never know if you will be delivering calves in the middle of the night at 20 degrees below zero or when it is a balmy afternoon. Be ready either way. Prepare wind protection for your herd and create a clean, dry environment to decrease likeliness of disease.

At T&C, we have absolutely every supply you will need to prepare for a successful calving season. From feed and colostrum replacement – to gates, thermometers, and disinfectants – we have your operation covered. Take a glance at our Calving Supply List of what we can supply to help you have a productive calving season.

3. Ensure proper nutrition.

If you are having problems calving, your veterinarian is always your first line of defense in helping you and your herd. However, sometimes you may have questions and don’t want to bother your vet. If you have questions about scours treatment, vaccinations, or even just want to know the difference between colostrum and milk replacer, we have expert staff who can help you.

Our team at Town & Country can help you reduce stress on your herd and minimize the loss of life with the right tools – and the right feed. Contact Gina Cooley or Tara Welborn at the Laurel Farm Store at (406) 628-6314 ext. 2 to talk about a strategy that’s best for you and your herd.