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Cenex® has recently awarded Town & Country Supply Association convenience stores with the summer 2020 Cenex STAR Stores awards.

“The Red Brand Program is a gauge of the pride that our employees take in the locations where they work,” said Wes Burley, the general manager of Town & Country Supply Association. “It takes a lot of pride and effort to get a perfect score on the Red Brand inspections and I commend these locations that have achieved this honor.”

Cenex mystery shoppers awarded Town & Country stores located in Billings, Hardin, and Laurel (315 1st Ave. South) perfect scores for excellence in brand image requirements, cleanliness, safety, and customer service. The Star Store distinction is based on a 100 percent overall scores from Cenex’s Retail Excellence Daily (RED) Inspection. T&C convenience stores in Bridger and Laurel (817 West Main St.) also earned high scores – 95.7 percent and 95.9 percent respectively.

“I am incredibly proud of our C-Store managers and staff for earning such high scores during this inspection process,” said Cathy Culp, the T&C convenience store division manager. “Their hard work and dedication to excellence have led to this success.”

This is not the first time Town & Country convenience stores have earned these awards. Town & Country stores in Billings, Bridger, Hardin, and Laurel have earned several STAR Stores designations between 2017 and 2020.

“Town & Country Supply operates their Cenex stores with an immense focus on cleanliness, friendly staff, and giving the consumer a great experience for all their convenience needs,” said Adam Norcutt, the CHS Energy Refined Fuels District Manager for Montana and Wyoming. “Town & Country Supply embraces what it means to be Powered Locally®, and demonstrates the Cenex® brand’s commitment to local communities. I would like to personally congratulate them on their STAR store awards. They are well earned.”

About Town and Country Supply - Town & Country C-Stores Honored as Summer 2020 Cenex RED Inspection STAR Stores
About Town & Country Supply Association

Town & Country Supply Association is a member-owned agronomy, energy, and retail co-operative based in southeastern Montana. With roots dating back to 1930, Town & Country was incorporated in 1997, with the merging of the Laurel Co-op Association and the Co-op Service Center in Billings. Town & Country continued to grow with the addition of the Farmers Union Association of Big Horn County in 2009.

T&C helps farmers and ranchers manage input costs, maximize production, and achieve higher profitability. T&C is committed to providing patrons and customers with high-quality products, superior in-field services, and access to the latest agricultural technology. T&C encompasses four divisions – Agronomy, Energy, Farm & Ranch, Supply, and C-Stores. Its trade region covers southeastern and southcentral Montana, as well as northern Wyoming.