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This time of year, handling diesel fuel is a bit trickier than usual. Keep in mind these Cenex® best practices for extending the operability of your diesel fuel in the winter:

  • Ensure you are properly maintaining your tank and fuel filtration to ensure your fuel operates at optimal levels.
  • Change the diesel fuel wax structure with cold flow improvers, such as wax dispersants.
  • Work with your T&C energy team to ensure a proper blend of diesel fuels, biofuels, and fuel additives.

Keep your fuel clean and fresh in the tank by considering using these Cenex® Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels:

  • Cenex® Wintermaster® Premium Diesel
  • Cenex Roadmaster XL® Seasonally Enhanced Premium Diesel Fuel
  • Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® Seasonally Enhanced Premium Diesel Fuel
  • #1 Diesel Fuel with Cenex Premium Diesel Fuel Additive
  • Cenex Premium Diesel with Winter Aid IV or Cold Flow Additive