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Propane is an extremely useful gas that has many purposes in today’s society. It is reliable, safe, and more importantly, a clean energy source. As a petroleum gas that has been liquefied, it is colorless and for the most part, odorless. If you are looking for Liquid Propane MSDS, click here to download our consumer safety data sheet. As most people probably know, it is compressed, stored, and delivered as

Refilling your propane tank not only makes sense economically, but it is also convenient and easy. It is always a better value than simply exchanging out your tank as you get a completely full tank and are only charged for the amount of propane that went into the tank. Exchange tanks are not filled up to the legal limit and many times a 20lb tank may contain as little as

Chances are, no matter what walk of life you come from, at some point, you may have to fill a propane tank. Many items use propane tanks these days, not the least of which being most home barbecues.  Knowing how to fill a propane tank yourself will not only keep you safe, but it can also save you money over just grabbing a refilled tank off the rack. So, if

CIRCLE, Mont. — Gil Gasper stopped short of emptying his milk jugs when he heard that farm-delivered, weatherized diesel had dropped to $1.73 a gallon. In farm country, where fuel gauges might not hit full for thousands of gallons, a price below $2 is a big deal, especially with grain prices declining. There’s even speculation that lower prices could be on the way. “From my standpoint, related to all the