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Submitted by Kendra Legge, Ag Solutions

With parts of Montana still affected heavily with drought conditions, this leads to many weeds hardening off, making them more difficult to control.

Herbicide Options

The best herbicide option for hardened off weeds is a group 4 herbicide, and BASF’s herbicide Distinct contains one of the best group 4 herbicides for the Montana weed spectrum – dicamba. Distinct contains another herbicide called diflufenzopyr, which not only acts as a herbicide, but also acts as an auxin transport inhibitor. This means diflufenzopyr concentrates the dicamba at the growing points, which is right where we want it for the most effective control. Not only will it concentrate dicamba, but also concentrates other group 4 herbicides like 2,4-D, fluroxypyr, clopyralid, and halauxifen.

Use BASF’s Distinct for those July and August fallow applications, or a postharvest application.