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More and more in today’s farm industry, farmers are purchasing their own fertilizer spreaders rather than hiring them from the local fertilizer dealer. In the past, most farmers would simply hire the big box rig spinner-spreaders to get the job done, but more often than not, farmers that have the acreage to justify it, are buying the spreaders themselves because it gives them more control over when the fertilizer is

The American Malting Barley’s Association has added four new varieties to their 2019 list of recommendations. New varieties on the list are: ABI Growler. This variety is a 2-rowed mid season spring barley that has been developed by Busch Agricultural Resources in Fort Collins, Colorado. Bill Coors 100 and Moravian 165. A 2-rowed spring variety, which is bred by Molson Coors in Idaho. Bill Coors 100 is the 100th Anniversary

As a general rule, winter wheat is grown as a cash crop, however it can provide the benefits of most other cereal grains as well. It also works as a grazing option and unlike barely or rye, it is unlikely to become a weed and is much easier to kill. Wheat is slower to mature than some other cereal grains and is increasingly grown more than rye as it is

CIRCLE, Mont. — Gil Gasper stopped short of emptying his milk jugs when he heard that farm-delivered, weatherized diesel had dropped to $1.73 a gallon. In farm country, where fuel gauges might not hit full for thousands of gallons, a price below $2 is a big deal, especially with grain prices declining. There’s even speculation that lower prices could be on the way. “From my standpoint, related to all the