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The American Malting Barley’s Association has added four new varieties to their 2019 list of recommendations. New varieties on the list are:

  1. ABI Growler. This variety is a 2-rowed mid season spring barley that has been developed by Busch Agricultural Resources in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  2. Bill Coors 100 and Moravian 165. A 2-rowed spring variety, which is bred by Molson Coors in Idaho. Bill Coors 100 is the 100th Anniversary release to celebrate the birthday of Bill Coors, the former chairman of Adolph Coors Company who passed away in 2018 at the ripe old age of 102.
  3. Another 2-row, but this time a winter variety from Oregon State University. Final approval for this release is in process at OSU.

This list is mainly for malting barley growers, so that when setting up contracts they know which varieties are being used. The vast majority of malting barley acres are contracted. The list helps insure a good yield and also have excellent disease resistance that growers obviously prefer.

The barley market supports everything from traditional brewers to sources for adjunct beers, malt beers, as well as distilleries. The USDA Risk Management Agency and Federal Grain Inspection Service also utilize this list for crop insurance and to differentiate malting and feed varieties of barley.

The recommended 2-row varieties are:

  1. AAC Synergy
  2. ABI Growler
  3. ABI Voyager
  4. AC Metcalfe
  5. Bill Coors 100
  6. DCD Copeland
  7. Charles (winter)
  8. Conlon
  9. Conrad
  10. Endeavor (winter
  11. Expecition
  12. Explorer
  13. Hockett
  14. LCS Genie
  15. Merit 57
  16. Moravian 37
  17. Moravian 69
  18. Moravian 165
  19. ND Genesis
  20. Newdale
  21. Pinnacle
  22. Puffin
  23. Scarlett
  24. Thunder (winter)
  25. Wintmalt (winter)

The recommended 6-row barleys are:

  1. Celebration
  2. Innovation
  3. Lacey
  4. Legacy
  5. Quest
  6. Stellar-ND
  7. Thoroughbred (winter)
  8. Tradition

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